Following on from my previous article,  in science the power of thoughts has also been demonstrated most famously by the term – placebo effect. 

Now for anyone who hasn’t heard of it (although I m sure everyone has). It is a term given mostly in medical trials to patients who are given a dummy drug. The test is simple; 50% of the patients and given a real drug for their disease and the other 50% are given basically a tick tak, for loss of a better word. 

Results are outstanding, in numerous studies, trials and scholarly research it is shown that at least 30-40% are healed by the dummy drug (their belief that they are going to be cured) out of the group who were given it. While around 60% are healed by the drug, out of the group who were given the real drug. 

This demonstrates that your thoughts really do have the power to change the structure of your body and heal it. This is a science and is typically referred to as meta-physics. 

Here, studies claims that although in everyday life we assume everything to be physical and tangible, in essence these tangible things are made out of matter, hence energy. 

Thereby, assuming all things being equal, your thoughts are energy waves, which with enough force (conviction) can have a massive impact on what we see as tangibles. These can be applied to your body, your life and your circumstances. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Read some neuroscience, medical or pharmaceutical journals, discover the arguments for and against this. 

However, assuming that this correct, simply from the millions of studies conducted which justify and solidify this theory. It all comes down to one important outcome. We are really in control of ourselves and our lives. So next time you think something negative, stop and try to remember this. 

Lots of love and till next time heroes 


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