The law of attraction. Association? The secret. So what does it really mean? 

As you have probably heard before, the saying is that “like attracts like”. Which simply means you attract into your life what you focus the most. That mostly lies on your emotions, your thoughts, your mindset and your attitude. 

The theory implies that everything consists of energy. Whether it’s positive or negative we all hold a particular vibration vibe that we give out. The frequency that you on will attract similar frequency to you. Hence going on this theory, you can only see, feel and experience situations, people and circumstances on your frequency. 

Although it may seem a bit out there, there have been many experiments that have shown this in a simple way. 

Dr emoto performed a water experiment, demonstrating the effect on words, songs and the general environment on the structure of water molecules. 

Pictures were taken of the water and frozen so that would form crystal structures. 

Results were incredible as you can see. 

Prayer before and after 


Love and appreciation 

How is this relevant to us? Well my dears we are 90% composed of water. 

So take the time out to get a handle on your thoughts, your energy and life. Because what you think, feel and belief not only effects your body but also your life. 

All the best and lots of love. Till next time heroes. 


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