A little story to begin… 

Many years ago I was asked an  interesting question by a very close friend. Is it actually possible to change? Every time I make a bit of progress, I end up falling into the same routine, the same negative, self deprecating thinking habits and I just feel worse off. 

A bit of a background story is perhaps needed to understand her question. She is a strong person in every sense of the word. She had suffered a lot of emotional and physical abuse growing up. And as much as people say you aren’t a product of your circumstances. It certainly does influence you, your beliefs, your relationships and your life. That’s why when she became an adult. She didn’t want her childhood circumstances to hold her back. 

So she began to work on herself. But like most she noticed that if the work wasn’t consistent then she fell back into the same old habits. I noticed the same with myself to be honest. 

So unconsciously we started to become a support network for each other. We would also be accountable to each other. We would keep each on the right track; full of positivity, planning, visualising and setting time frames make sure that we were both moving forward. 

Because, as with anything, personal development is a journey, a consistent routine that you have to commit to in order to see results. 

So what does it really involve? 

Setting aside the cultural stereotypes of being a hippy. 

Everyone has their own definition, whether it’s a spiritual journey, physical goal achievement or both of the above. It’s essentially a way to become the best version of yourself, to discover your personal inner greatness and to make a commitment to your growth as a human being. 

It’s a constant learning curve. A way to unravel more to life and to yourself than what you have been told and taught by your culture, your family, your school and your religious beliefs. 

It’s a way to look past your current external circumstances. To look within and accept yourself unconditionally. Along with evidently accepting others. 

Most importantly however, it’s a way to be free. To be in the present moment whilst also planning towards a better future. Because life is simply too short not to. 

Hence this is the long winded reason for BeYourHero. My dream is that it will make the personal development journey easier, more enjoyable and fun. 

Lots of love and until next time heroes.