The science of neuro-plasticity is a fairly new understanding. It goes against the traditional belief of the brain being hard wired. It claims that the brain can and does change structure until your last breath. 

This means that you again my dear heroes hold the power to change your brain through your thinking, as long as it is consistent and convicting enough. Irrelevant of the fact whether it’s positive or negative. 

On a brain level if you were to change your thinking pattern on a specific matter. The process occurs as so. The neurones in your brain form new connections in accordance to the thoughts that you think. It creates a new pathway and the more time you focus on the specific subject in mind the more advanced and stronger the pathway becomes. It expands more and more, establishing itself more concretely in your brain. 

Thereby at times if you think about something negative or worry. It seems to go round in circles in your thought process again and again, day after day, in a highly repetitive manner which seems non stop. 

So what can you do? You can break it. You can choose what you pay attention to and what you concentrate on, with enough conviction and persistence. 

Again as with my previous articles. I am only introducing a subject for consideration. Whether you take it onboard and implement it, as with most things it is completely up to you. 

Lots of love and till next time heroes.